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Teacher Thomas

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Hi, I’m Teacher Tom, I’m from the North of England and now live in London.🔥🔥🔥 For 6 years I taught children about history, across a range of different museums in London🏢, in group sizes from five to thirty! I have a background as a performer and like to make my lessons fun and silly but with a real focus on all aspects of the language, from pronunciation to grammar.😊🌸

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Abby Sit

5 Aug 2021

Teacher Thomas is a nice and patient teacher who takes the time to ensure my child is learning but also enjoy his lessons. As a native English speaker, I would fully endorse Teacher Thomas and recommend him to anybody who wants their child to learn English to prepare for oversea schooling.

TAI, Yuet Ching (Kami)

4 Aug 2021

Kami enjoys attending Mr Tom's class. She loves making the funny sentences with Mr Tom.
Kami can follow the class because Mr Tom always tells her what will be going to happen in the class.
Kami's blending and writing improve but she needs more confidence to do. She need to expand her sentences with more vocabulary.
Thank you Mr Tom for teaching Kami, she really enjoys in the class.