​UPDATED: 2020-07-29

  1. Minimum age

    1. The current minimum age is 4 years old. ​

  2. Class format

    1. Parents may not add extra students to the lesson.

  3. Credits​

    1. In cases of credits being given to the student, each lesson's credit will be counted as follows:​

      • 3 Day Plan: Each lesson's credit is HK$190​

      • 5 Day Plan: Each lesson's credit is HK$167

      • 4 Lesson package: Each lesson's credit is HK$250

      • 20 Lesson package: Each lesson's credit is HK$197

    2. Credits added to accounts will automatically be deducted from the bill for the following bill/month

  4. Automatic Renewal Credit Card Cancellations

    1. You can cancel your automatic credit card renewal any time by yourself through the My Account page. Click here for the tutorial. 

    2. Your service will not cancel immediately, but will cancel at the end of the paid term.

  5. Payment method​

    1. All payments must be made by credit card via our website only. Other payment methods are not accepted.

  6. Rescheduling classes

    1. Only permanent class schedule changes are allowed. Adhoc class schedule changes are not permitted. 

    2. Each month, a student may only reschedule their class 3 times and will require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. 

    3. Rescheduling classes is subject to teacher availability. 

  7. Skipping lessons

    1. If a student wishes to skip a lesson, a minimum of 24-hours advance notice is required. ​In such cases, the student will receive one lesson's credit.

    2. If the student fails to give 24-hours advance notice, then the class will be forfeited. 

  8. Refunds

    1. Refunds are not permitted except when the Company cancels the paid class(es). In such instances, there will be a full refund on the unused classes. ​

  9. Teacher no-shows

    1. If the teacher does not show up with the first 10 minutes, then the lesson is cancelled and the student will be reimbursed with one lesson's credit.

  10. Delayed lesson start time

    1. Late lessons due to teacher

      1. If the teacher is late for the lesson (but for no longer than 10 minutes), then either the lesson will continue but be extended to compensate for the delayed start or the lesson will be cancelled and one lesson's credit will be reimbursed.

    2. Late lessons due to student

      1. In the event that the student is late, the lesson will maintain the scheduled end time. No extensions of time will be made due to the teacher having back to back classes. 

  11. Technical issues

    1. If during the lesson either the teacher or the student has technical issues, the student will either have their lesson extended to compensate for the time lost or the centre will reimburse one lesson's credit back to the student. 
  12. Recorded lessons

    1. Lessons may be recorded.

    2. The company will not seek prior permission to use your recorded video for training purposes. 

    3. The company will seek prior permission to use your recorded video for marketing purposes. 

    4. The company will not send recorded videos to parents.

  13. Company rights

    1. In disputes related to the language interpretation of the policy, the English version will prevail. 

    2. The company reserves the rights to amend this policy without notice.

    3. The latest version of the policy will always be presented on this website (www.babgo.com).

    4. The company reserves the rights to the final say in all disputes. ​

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