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Teacher Natalie

Master's degree graduate with a passion for education

Natalie is an optimistic and enthusiastic teacher from South Africa. Always interested in expanding her knowledge, she has studied a number of subjects that have earned her a master's degree in digital arts, a diploma in nutrition and TEFL certification. 

She has taught English at public and private schools in South Korea, Vietnam and Peru for over 4 years. Although she was sad to leave her students in South Korea this year, she has returned to her home town to be with her family. 

She has continued to teach online, and is still a passionate English tutor, motivated by the rapid progress that her students make in acquiring their new language.

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FUNG, Kaitlyn Yat Kiu

1 Apr 2022

She is patient and kind. Kaitlyn enjoys her class.

Lee yuet Tung charlotte

15 Mar 2022

Teacher Natalie arouses the student’s interest in learning. Charlotte enjoys the time in the lesson and she really learns a lot and applies what she learn in her study. She looks forward to meet Natalie every week.

Brayden Chan

10 Mar 2022

Teacher Natalie is very patient. She teaches Brayden step by steps. Her professional teaching and encouragement let Brayden be able to read and blend the words in 3 months. Brayden has a great improvement on reading. He enjoys Teacher Natalie’s class. Thank you very much!

Blippi Pang

9 Mar 2022


Wong Sze Ching Ceci

1 Mar 2022

Teacher Natalie is a very good and nice teacher. She helps her to learn different sounds of phonics and now she is able to read the words. She loves Miss Natalie and we will continue to learn with Miss Natalie. We love the lessons.