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Teacher Jessica

🔥✨Professional English Tutor✨🔥

⭐ Native British Teacher

⭐ 5 years experience

⭐ Bachelors degree in English

⭐ Fun materials for all age groups

👦 English for Young Learners

🌍 International teaching background

Jessica is a real natural with children. 😊🌸She has spent the past five years tutoring a variety of students, of all different ages and nationalities. 😉✨She has a degree in English and is very passionate about the language. She brings a whole lot of energy and fun to her lessons.🏢

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Very good experiences with teacher Jessica

Duncan Chan

Teacher Jessica is a very sweet and nice teacher. She is very patient. Duncan has a lot of requests and questions, she will still accommodate. Sometimes she will also explain to him what a new word means so that he can enrich his vocabs. Duncan has a good grasp of phonics now. Thank you teacher Jessica. Next we would like her to fix his grammar and practise his sentence reading so that he can be better prepared for primary school admission interviews.


Teacher Jessica is very nice and patient, she is able to create an environment for my son to take the initiative to speak even with a limited vocabulary base. In addition, I found that it is easier to do revision on dictation after joining the class. Her lessons are fun and engaging, my son really loves to attend her class!


Very responsible and my son loves her.

Xavier Zee

Xavier loves Teacher Jessica so much and he is always looking forward to the classes. This is very important to see that my boy learning English with lots of fun! From the comments Teacher Jessica wrote for Xavier, I can tell that she is teaching with passion as well as patience. She gave very detailed comments for every lessons, including things Xavier doing well, as well as things she wants Xavier to improve. Also, from the comments shegave, I’m very happy to see that they have a lot of interactions, and interesting conversations between. I hope that my boy can continue to have Teacher Jessica classes