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Teacher Jessica

🔥✨Professional English Tutor✨🔥

⭐ 5 years experience

⭐ Bachelors degree in English

⭐ Fun materials for all age groups

👦 English for Young Learners

🌍 International teaching background

Jessica is a real natural with children. 😊🌸She has spent the past five years tutoring a variety of students, of all different ages and nationalities. 😉✨She has a degree in English and is very passionate about the language. She brings a whole lot of energy and fun to her lessons.🏢

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Marshall Soo

3 May 2022

Caring and Loving children

Ashley and Chloe LEUNG

31 Mar 2022

She's great and my kids love her. Both my girls have been progressing very well for their English, not only in Grammar and tense, but also the confidence in speaking english! Thanks Ms Jessica!

Karen Lim & Anthony Lim

6 Mar 2022

Teacher Jessica is so attentive and patient to my children. She will give lots of positive responses towards their questions and mistakes. I could find their progress improvement in their English oral, pronunciation and gramma. My children loves to study English with teacher Jessica. Thank you.

Anson Yip

5 Mar 2022

Anson跟Teacher Jessica上課已有兩年,之前試過跟不同老師上課,但進度都不如理想。自從跟了Teacher Jessica後, Anson英文明顯進步了很多,而且開始喜愛上英文課。Teacher Jessica是一位細心的老師,除了跟教材教學外,她還會和Anson分享生活趣事。聖誕節她還會親手畫聖誕卡寄給我們呢!現在對於Anson來說,Teacher Jessica除了是一位英文老師之外,她還是遠方的一位好朋友!

Kelly Fong

10 Jan 2022

Kelly 很期待上TEACHER JESSICA 的課堂, 老師會很耐心指導, 還會教很多課堂外的知識, 引導小朋友用完整句子回答問題, 感謝老師的教導!!!!