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Teacher Bella

⭐️Patient English Teacher!⭐️


🔊 Native English speaker with Neutral accent

👦 English for Young Learners

🌍 International teaching background

Isabella enjoys getting up early to seize the day. She is a good listener which allows her to easily pick up where students need help. She is well-disciplined but enjoys making her lessons fun and interactive. She loves spending time in nature and especially in the ocean.

She has been tutoring for over 2 years for a reputable South African tutoring company. She has worked with all ages. She has had a lot of experience working with younger children that need to get up to speed with their English, in order to be integrated at school. She enjoys the process of getting to know a student and figuring out what skills she can apply to her teaching to ensure the students learning needs are met. She is quick to adapt to any situation and knows where her limits are. Her intuitive nature has helped her read and understand people around her and know when they need help.

She has completed a bachelor’s degree in Media and Film Studies at the University of Cape Town. Before that she completed a Higher Certificate in Print and Digital Media Journalism.

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WONG, Yu Ting (Rima)

11 Apr 2022

Teacher Bella is a very good teacher, I really appreciate her patience for Rima. Rima enjoys teacher Bella's lesson.

CHEUNG, Chi To (Carson)

10 Apr 2022

Teacher Bella is a great teacher who teaches with heart. She is patient, humorous, and friendly. She easily induces students' interest in learning. The teaching is systematic and effective.

SIT, Corey

9 Apr 2022

Teacher Bella is always being nice and patience, she starts the topic with daily activities of her student, making them being active to participate in the lesson.

Wong Yu Hin

21 Mar 2022


Ethan Yue

5 Mar 2022

Teacher Bella is very friendly and she is enthusiastic for teaching. Ethan enjoyed her lession. She gave lots of encouragement, which help Ethan building up confidence while learning English.