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Teacher Tya

🥇🥇Professional English Tutor 😊🌸


🌍 INTERNATIONAL Students    

🤡 FUN lessons all about YOU and your interests🎈

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Greetings! This is Cynthia (Teacher Tya)!

Tya is a qualified teacher based in the U.K. After successfully completing a dual diploma, leading to both a FLE Master & the UK PGCE, she settled straightaway in England, in 2004. 

Tya built herself a great reputation in the classroom and is very keen to do the same online! 

She is a passionate teacher, hardworking, friendly, and fun! Let’s meet her and start this journey together!

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My reviews...

LO, Tsz Yu (Kason)

1 Oct 2022

average rating is 4 out of 5

小朋友好喜歡上Teacher Tya的堂,很喜歡Teacher tya

Carson Kwok Ho Yui

21 Mar 2022

average rating is 4 out of 5


Lukas Leung

9 Mar 2022

average rating is 4 out of 5

Your patience is endless and your passion is so evident. Thanks a million!

Nathan Au

3 Mar 2022

average rating is 4 out of 5

Deeply thank you for your teaching.
You are very nice and patience. I am
very appreciate your details comment after the lessons. You can let me to understand what's the problem of my son and then how to improve his English. My son, Nathan also loves your teaching too. Keep going... Thank you so much.

Zion Yuen

28 Feb 2022

average rating is 4 out of 5

Teacher Cynthia is a patience when dealing with my kid.
she uses different way and phase to explain the words / sentence to my kid when he is puzzling .
she always run the prog. overtime because she has made sure Zion is understand.

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