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Teacher Richard







Teacher Richard

⭐⭐⭐30 years teaching experience⭐⭐⭐

⭐️ Native English Speaker

⭐ Native British Teacher

⭐ Over 30 years experience

⭐ Fun materials for all age groups

🌍 International teaching background

Richard loves teaching! 🌈🌈🌈He has been teaching junior children for 30 years in the UK. He has been the Headteacher of three schools. ⭐⭐⭐He has taught English to students online. Richard is very patient and will help your child to quickly improve their English. Richard will make your child’s lessons fun!🥇🥇🥇

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Madison Karrim CHAU

11 Aug 2021

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

My daughter looks forward to her phonics classes each week. Teacher Richard is very animated and keeps his classes interesting.

My daughter’s reading improved significantly after only a few classes. Thank you Teacher Richard.


平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

My daughter- Jomi has joined Babogo since Dec 2020 during the suspension of her kindergarten, we were glad to have found Mr Richard as Jomi’s teacher.
Mr Richard has more than 30 years of childhood education, his teaching method combines utilising different tools and asking open questions to keep the class’s concentration and motivation. Jomi was happy and active in sharing what she has learnt after his classes. She has also been inspired by Mr Richard’s continuous encouragement that she loves writing now, and to be able to do it without help.
My personal favourite being the teacher’s feedback after each class which can be found in the mobile app. It is the most helpful tool to understand her progress as I am not able to join every class as much as I like to, making revision time hassle free and smooth.
I still recall Jomi was struggling with mood swing in the beginning and she kept crying. Mr Richard was able to calm her down and made her focus on the class. We know Zoom classes are difficult but I believe Mr Richard is doing his best by adjusting on different children’s needs. So thank you Mr Richard your patience and your love for my kid.


平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Good teacher

Anthony Tung

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Teacher Richard is patient and experienced. He is able to identify the weaknesses of my kid and make good recommendations. My kid loves his lessons!

Kyle Patrick CONVERY

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

With great enthusiasm, humour and imaginative lessons, Teacher Richard has captured Kyle's interest in learning phonics. Lessons are always fun and interactive. Teacher Richard knows exactly how and when to challenge Kyle to get the best out of him. It is most encouraging that Kyle is constantly thinking up lengthier and more "exciting" words to share with Teacher Richard in their next lesson, and that his reading skills have improved exponentially in a relatively short period of time.

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