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Teacher Nikita

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Nikita is a bubbly musician based in London. She has been working with and teaching children for over ten years.

Having grown up performing on stage and singing & song writing from a young age, Nikita naturally gravitated towards studying music, graduating with a degree in Creative Musicianship in 2013.

Whilst studying, Nikita worked weekends as a children’s party entertainer - an exciting, high energy role, hosting kids parties dressed as characters such as Minnie Mouse, Snow White & Elsa amongst many others.

After completing her degree, Nikita began teaching for a well known London drama company called Perform delivering confidence-building workshops to children ages 4-13yrs through the medium of dance, drama and singing. Since 2016, Nikita has worked in schools across London as an Assistant Teacher, earning a wealth of experience also as a one-to-one for children with special educational needs.

Asides from teaching, Nikita works as a self-employed professional singer, fronting bands for various functions such as weddings and corporate affairs across London and the UK. She is preparing to launch her first children’s picture book this year and is very excited to be joining BaboGO as an online English teacher.

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