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Teacher Natasha







Teacher Natasha

⭐️Native English Speaker⭐️

🥳 Fun and encouraging teacher

😎 Able to assist all learning styles

🗂  Fun materials for all age groups

💪🏼  Help all students reach their goals and strengthen their skills

🌍 International teaching background

Teacher Natasha is a native English speaker from the UK but has spent a large portion of her life in Thailand. She has 3 years teaching experience with children of all ages both online and in person. She has also had experience volunteering with younger years at a daycare in Bangkok. She has a bachelor degree in Education and is qualified with a TESOL certificate. She is very patient and kind and believes a positive and encouraging environment will motivate her students to succeed in their lessons. She loves teaching English and looks forward to meeting you soon!

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Cheung Yik Shun (Travis)

21 Dec 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Teacher Natasha is a very nice teacher and so encouraging! Travis loves to attend her lessons so much!
She gives comments and advices after every lesson. Parents can keep tracking on kids’ progress. She also knows the strength and weakness of Travis! She is willing to do her best to help Travis to make huge improvements on English!
Teacher Natasha is also a thoughtful and caring teacher. She can notice that Travis might not in good mood or feeling tired some day. I believed Teacher Natasha would make proper adjustment to handle different situations.
It is so heart-warming that Teacher Natasha is not just delivering the teaching materials to kids but also knows kids’ daily mood and English ability so well.

HUI, Sum Yee Hailey

15 Mar 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Teacher Tash is a very serious and friendly teacher. She uses a fun way to teach in class. My daughter loves it very much!

CHENG, Chin Wing (Macey)

4 Jul 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

My daughter is shy and reluctant to learn phonics at the very beginning. But Teacher Natasha is a patient, enthusiastic and funny teacher. She knows how to interact with my daughter. Her lesson is interactive and fun. My daughter enjoys attending Teacher Natasha‘a lesson now. I’m glad to see my daughter’s improvement :) Highly recommend Teacher Natasha:)

Adam Chau

27 Jun 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Teacher Natasha is a good teacher. During her lessons, Adam's phonics has improved. She gave different activities, which not only made the lesson interesting but also made it easy for him to understand the pronunciation well. She not only encouraged on every step but made confident through lessons.

Rita Ku

21 Jun 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Funny and Patient

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