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Teacher Kate







Teacher Kate

🔥✨Professional English Tutor✨🔥

🥳 Fun and encouraging teacher

😎  Able to assist all learning styles

🗂  Fun materials for all age groups

💪🏼  Helped all my students reach their goals and strengthen their skills

🌍 International teaching background

Kate has a wealth of experience working with children and young people, having run her own Performing Arts school for 10 years, as well as working in local schools, and for charities and other organisations. For the last year she has been working online running group sessions and one to ones both locally and for students around the world. She hold a Ptlls level 4 Teaching qualification and a Teaching English Online Certificate and is working towards her Level 5 Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate.

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TAM, Ho Ching (Libby)

1 Dec 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Teacher Kate is very patient and cheerful. She made the class more interesting & easy to remember.

TANG, Chin Hay (Charlotte)

22 Aug 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Ms. Kate is firm but still talkative if Charlotte finished the task accordingly.
As a parent, we appreciated Ms. Kate's teaching method as sometimes, if the teacher is too nice, the kid will not follow the instruction or not focus during lesson. So, we are happy with Ms. Kate and love to continue the lesson. Thank you.

Tovi Chiu

25 Jul 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Teacher Kate is very patient and encouraging in teaching. Tovi enjoyed having lessons with Teacher Kate a lot. His blending and reading skill was improved in this period. He wishes to continue learning with Teacher Kate if his schedule matched. Thank you so much to Teacher Kate.

LI Hang Yee (Ashley)

9 Jun 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Teacher Kate是Ashley 在BaboGO的第二位老師,感恩遇到teacher Kate,令本來慢熱的Ashley 慢慢愛上英文堂,加上老師經常讚賞,令Ashley 信心大增,而且teacher Kate很有親和力,解答問題很有耐性,是一位很好的老師!

Hailey Yeung

21 Dec 2021

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Very professional and caring

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