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Teacher Julz

🥇 Professional English Tutor 🥇

🥳 Fun and encouraging teacher

😎  Able to assist all learning styles

🗂  Fun materials for all age groups

💪🏼  Helped all my students reach their goals and strengthen their skills

🌍 International teaching background

Julz is a South African born energetic and adventurous person that has a broad knowledge of the world due to his traveling experience. Julz got his first experience with younger kids was in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, where he worked as a kids counselor. Julz qualified with a bachelor's degree and a Tesol teaching certificate. Julz gained 2 years teaching experience in Vietnam teaching and tutoring kindergarten kids . Julz decided to move to Shanghai where he worked for 2 years teaching English to young students. Julz welcomes all younger students for a fun and exciting learning experience.

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