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Teacher Judy

Kindergarten teacher with experience teaching 3-6 year olds.

Teacher Judy was born and raised in the United States. She has been teaching English for three years at a kindergarten school in Taiwan. Her students’ ages range from 3-6 years old so she has a lot of patience and energy every day for each child. She loves to make learning as interactive and enjoyable as possible, and she hopes to increase the students' confidence in learning English as a second language. She loves to build solid relationships with her students and she adapts to each of their personalities and learning levels. Her hobbies include singing, playing the piano, hiking, traveling, and cooking.

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HUANG, Ham Chi (Chi Chi)

13 Sept 2022


TSO, Yuet Marjorie

12 Sept 2022

Teacher Judy is very kind and patient, she guides Marjorie in all aspects with encouragement. Marjorie loves her lessons.

YUEN, Kin Cheuk (Chester)

29 Aug 2022

Teacher Judy is great ! She show her enthusiastic in teaching and patience in dealing with kids .
Chester is sometimes naughty and asked teacher to play games with him , but Teacher Judy is very patient in teaching him discipline --- asking Chester to pay attention and complete all task first , once Chester is doing well , they can play a small game at the end of the lesson .

Also , Teacher Judy's review after lesson is useful to parents, I know what's the weakness of my boy and what he needs to pay attention with reference to Teacher Judy's comments.

Thank you Teacher Judy and our co-ordinator Ceci's help . Chester learnt a lot from the lessons .

LAW, Hoi Chung Karson

9 Aug 2022

Teacher Judy is a cheerful and attractive teacher. She knows how to attract student to focus during lesson. A very interactive teacher.

Hugo Sin

7 Jun 2022

A great teacher, highly recommended