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Teacher Jessica







Teacher Jessica

🔥✨Professional English Tutor✨🔥

⭐ 5 years experience

⭐ Bachelors degree in English

⭐ Fun materials for all age groups

👦 English for Young Learners

🌍 International teaching background

Jessica is a real natural with children. 😊🌸She has spent the past five years tutoring a variety of students, of all different ages and nationalities. 😉✨She has a degree in English and is very passionate about the language. She brings a whole lot of energy and fun to her lessons.🏢

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My reviews...

Emi Takahashi

14 Dec 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

A 5 stars teacher that I would highly recommended. Emi always looks forward to attend Teacher Jessica’s class, because there’s never a dull moment. She is patient and attentive. I do appreciate her giving Emi the wonderful support by encouraging her to try, to speak up & sharing her own thoughts. Thanks for putting a smile on her cheeky face every week! 😊

BEI, Chi Ting (Nicholas)

7 Nov 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Teacher Jessica is very nice and patient. She loves kids and is very helpful for the improvement of English. Thanks a lot!

CHUNG, Lunette

17 Oct 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Ms. Jessica is a patient and kind teacher. She is very patient with Lunette. After class, she always spend a bit time to interactive with Lunette, with games or sharing daily life in South Africa, which makes Lunette loves to express herself in the class and think about how to communicate among themselves freely.
Also, the after-lesson reviews are also carried out in many aspects, not only academic performance or grades, it also about caring about the emotions. Teacher Jessica reports to parents how to improve and follow up fully, I appreciate for her detail-mind and caring for Lunette greatly. During some of the difficult stage, she always teach Lunette to remember the sounds in interesting ways, make sure Lunette can learn effectively.
Highly recommended for Teacher Jessica.

TSOI, Yat Long (Jasper)

18 Oct 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分

Teacher Jessica is an extremely good teacher, she has passion to teach, Jasper enjoyed his lessons very much. Teacher Jessica gave a lot of valuable suggestions and comments to me. Her lessons are funny and her teaching is encouraging. Jasper keeps having improvement from time to time.

PANG, Chin Fung (Blippi)

10 Aug 2022

平均評等為 4 ,滿分 5 分


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