Online English Programme for Children


Predictable Results


We are a well established institute with over 10 years of experience that teaches English to children from the beginning of Kindergarten to the end of Primary School.


We are popular with parents because we are able to produce consistent and clear results. Our syllabus and pedagogy are structured, logical and transparent. All our teacher are trained on our teaching methodologies used to teach each level. This allows our teachers to deliver high quality lessons, which produces predictable results for each and every child.


All new students will receive a trial lesson - free of charge!


Classes are taught by native English teachers online on a one-to-one basis. 


Each lesson is 25 minutes, designed to match the research on children's attention span.


Trained and certified BaboGO teachers delivering our unique teaching method.

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​認識 BaboGO

What teachers say about BaboGO


Teacher Tessa

I am very pleased with my teaching experience at BaboGo. The online teaching works very well with the students as it is one on one and has a great lesson structure.

Teacher Robert

I’m really enjoying it. It doesn’t feel like working because of how much I like it. I feel really comfortable in the role and am looking forward to picking up more classes. Thank you for being so welcoming and helping me settle in.

Teacher Amelia

I love my students and I’ve got used to the teaching material quickly thanks to the resources to help me. I felt really supported too! I’m really enjoying it!

Teacher Richard

I am loving it. The support is vastly better than any other EAL (English as an additional language) company I have dealt with. The materials and training videos are superb.

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